Peace, Happiness, and Polished Prose

My name is Barbara Bigelow, and I’ve been writing, editing, and proofing copy since 1988. My job is all about making information accessible to a target audience. I provide a thoughtful, earnest, and unbiased reading of manuscript and collaborate with authors to ensure that their ideas are conveyed clearly and accurately.

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots

Need help transforming your ideas into words? People tell me I was born to edit. Let me put my skills to work for you.

Whether you’re a businessperson, a student, an academic, or a future bestselling author, clear communication is vital to your success. Together, we can navigate the murky waters of good grammar and editorial revisions to make your message crystal clear to your target audience. Editorial services from BBigelowEditor.com range from a quick proofread to a thorough copyedit, or, if you prefer, I can compose blog entries or research-based articles for you from scratch.

The Indefatigable Editor

The Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle once wrote, “Blessed is he who has found his work. Let him ask no other blessing.” I love what I do. No kidding, it borders on obsession! So when a client says, “You’re the best!”—well, that’s like adding an extra dollop of whipped cream to my morning coffee.

Clarity is joy.