I’d like to convey my most sincere thanks and appreciation to Barbara for the excellent copyediting.”

—Donald Menzel, author of Ethics Management for Public Administrators: Leading and Building Organizations of Integrity, 2d ed.

Ode to the Copyeditor

An author brings voice to abstract ideas.
He has something to say, but not
Always well.

A copyeditor with hubris can hijack a weak draft.
Grabbing the reins, tossing you out, and
Galloping away.

Fearing this fate, an author can dread the copyeditor’s pen.
Recasting your work and driving your voice from
The page.

But Barbara C. Bigelow is far better than that.
She can gently guide an inarticulate author
To clarity.

Blade steel must be hammered hot to hold an edge.
Just as a good book needs a writer who can
Take advice.

Barbara C. Bigelow is a copyeditor complete.
She knows what you meant to say,
But didn’t.

Like a parent, an author must know when to trust and let go.
Remember dropping your kid off at school the
First time?

Barbara C. Bigelow is the trusted, smiling teacher.
She will take your work by the hand and
Make it better.”

—by Steve Hackett, author of Environmental and Natural Resources Economics: Theory, Policy, and the Sustainable Society, 6/19/2010

Your copyediting is the best that I can recall in my thirty-three years in publishing, and I am glad to have the opportunity to tell you that. You made sensible and exact adjustments in my style, and your queries were intelligent and sympathetic.”

—George Core, editor of Sewanee Review

Barbara has done significant editorial work for us for years, from copyediting to fact-checking to proofreading to writing. Her work is always superb, and she has never missed a deadline. She is careful, communicative, and responsive, and she shows great judgment when dealing with troublesome copy. I recommend her highly.”

—Neil Schlager, founder, Schlager Group Inc./publisher, MilestoneDocuments.com

Barbara Bigelow is a pleasure to work with! She is my go-to copy editor, the person I count on to put a manuscript on track for publication! Her work is precise and intelligent, and she does it with style!”

—Stacey Victor, production editor, M.E. Sharpe Publishers

Barbara was a delight to work with. She asked insightful, troubleshooting questions regarding our copyediting process and then kept to our schedule, delivering all copyedited batches on time, or ahead of schedule.  Her queries to the author during the copyedit phase were respectful and well thought out. I would gladly work with her again and highly recommend her for any future copyediting assignments.”

—Teresa Christie, project manager (U.S.), MPS Content Services

Like all authors, I am indebted to many individuals for their support and assistance as I wrote this book…. I also appreciate … the remarkable copyediting skills of Barbara Bigelow.”

—Stephen K. Medvic. Campaigns and Elections: Players and Processes. 1st ed. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, 2009. (Testimonial taken from the author’s Acknowledgements.)